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Kentucky State Fair Online Poultry, Pigeon, and Rabbit Entry System
Entry Deadline: July 10
Exhibitor Admission Information
    • Livestock Exhibitor Barn Access /Admission Badge – $25, Barn Access, 14 admission/parking scans, provided with Exhibitor Packet at check-in Gate 4.
    • Livestock Exhibitor Barn Access Badges – If an exhibitor DID NOT purchase a $25 Barn Access/Admission Badge. Barn Access Badges can be given to an exhibitor upon request in the livestock office.  
    • Exhibitor Tickets – $44, 11 admission/parking tickets. Poultry, Pigeon and Rabbit Exhibtiors are limited to three (3) books of tickets per account made.  
Steps to Enter Online
Before submitting your entry, please read the 2024 Premium Book and General Rules located on the Fair website here: https://kystatefair.org/still-exhibitor-info/ Arrival and release times for each department are listed in the Premium Book.
1. At the top left of this webpage, click “Register”. Fill in all required fields. If you have not registered this year, select “I am a new exhibitor or have yet to register this year”. A valid social security number or Tax ID must be entered to receive a premium check. Proceed to step 2, Entries.
2. Select the desired department, division and class for each entry you wish to make. Please provide the birth date, name, ID and owner for each entry. Make a separate entry for each item you plan to show. Proceed to step 3, Items.
3. Exhibitors are offered a Livestock Exhibitor Barn Access / Admission Badge that has 14 admission/parking scans that can now be used for multiple people at the gate, allowing exhibitors to scan in their family and others. This badge will allow the wearer to enter the barn areas during times closed to the public.
Exhibitors may also purchase books of tickets that include 11 admission/parking tickets for $44, which break down to $4 per ticket.
Two (2) Livestock Exhibitor Barn Access Badges that don’t include admission/parking will be provided to exhibitors upon request in the livestock office.
Badges and tickets will be provided in your packet, all exhibitor packets will be shipped to their home address before the fair.  
Press continue at the bottom to proceed to Step 4, Review.
4. Review all items in your cart. Confirm you have an entry for each respective item you plan to submit. You can save your cart for later or press check-out to continue to Step 5, Pay.
5. Enter your credit or debit card information as well as billing information and press continue to Step 6, Confirm.
6. To confirm your information and type “Yes” in the signature field, and press submit.
7. Congratulations, you have entered all your information and successfully submitted your entry! Print a detailed receipt for your records and press finish to have a copy emailed to your personal email.
If you have any questions, please contact the Entry Department at (502)367-5200.